Saskia Fleishman b. 1995 graduated Rhode Island School of Design in 2017 with a BFA in painting. Fleishman is based in Brooklyn, NYC and Cape Elizabeth, ME. Recent residencies include: PADA/ Young Space curated residency, Vermont Studio Center, Trestle Art Space, and The Otis Emerging Curator Retreat. Curious about curating other artists work as well as exhibiting her own, Saskia continues to collaborate with peers around the world. In addition, Fleishman has exhibited her work in Miami, Providence, Rome, San Juan, Lisbon, and Milwaukee. Inquiries about work, studio visits and interviews, please contact Saskia at:

My current series of paintings are generated through landscape photographs taken on recent vacations and images sourced from my families collection. These photographs are then composed as geometric abstractions, op-art, or color studies from  ”The Interaction Of Color” by Joseph Albers, in order to deconstruct, reflect upon, and rebuild early memory and perception. I pair flat, smooth, hard-edge paint applications aesthetic with textural materials such as sand, resin, and paper clay, to add unexpected dimension and reflection. The paintings explore nostalgia while contemplating moments in time, perception, and our relationship to memories embedded in landscapes.


Instagram: @flesh___man